Saturday, December 17, 2016


KRAMPUS - Krampus is a demon/ goat who punishes naughty children in pre-Christian Germanic folk tales. He’s celebrated on Krampuskarten with festivals, greeting cards and parades. Sounds great. But, in large part, Krampus -- the movie --disappoints. It attempts to capture the spirit of the 80s horror/ comedy classic film entitled Goonies. What’s wrong with it? It’s too gimmicky, there are too many jump scares and the CGI images are overdone. Forty minutes into the movie nothing has happened other than a dinner and a snow storm. Moments that have horror potential are actually missed opportunities. I really wanted to like this movie but it wasn’t funny and it also wasn’t scary. A cool idea? Yes. A good movie? Clearly, no. 


  1. Aww haven't seen it was hoping it'd be cool.

  2. We were brought up with the Krampus coming round once a year. I can imagine that the film has little to do with the tradition.

  3. Wonder why the original fairy tales and tradition tales were always so bloodthirsty. A real shame it wasn't at least scary. I love movies like this.

    1. Maybe because storytelling was the TV of ancient times, and you had to keep the listeners entertained somehow.

  4. Thanks for your review! It is such a shame, as this really had potential!

  5. When I saw the preview for it, it looked scary! I'm disappointed it's kind of cheesy:S