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Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Has Sprung

Tales for the Campfire now available for pre-order!

Find inside this book 24 amazing horror stories (including a new one by me, ‘Vivified’) written by northern California authors. It will be out May 2nd, with profits donated to the North Valley Community Foundation's wildfire relief fund. Good horror and a great cause… Read Tales for the Campfire today! 

Click on the the link below!

1.) Pre-order Tales for the Campfire

From the editor of Morbid Curiosity magazine comes Tales for the Camp Fire, a new anthology of short stories including: werewolves, serial killers, a handful of ghosts, plenty of zombies, Cthulhu cultists, mad scientists, and a pair of conjoined twins. #talesforthecampfire

2.) Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

SFF Book Bonanza - Discover Science Fiction and Fantasy Books – Runs all month during April 2019. Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Two lucky winners. Imagine the books you could buy!

3.) BookFunnel Bundles

SFF Mega Promo April 2019

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