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Friday, November 8, 2019

A Noirvember to Remember

A Noirvember to Remember

Check out this 3 part promo, just in time for Thanksgiving!

1.) Claim your *free* e-book
The Merchandiser by Chad Schimke – When a merchandiser becomes preoccupied with decorations, he gives in to his chilling obsession. Second best will have to do, but he makes the most of it. Fear meets perfection in this unnerving tale, set against a backdrop of stark film noir. Read ‘The Merchandiser’ today!
Click on the image, or on the link below!

2.) *Two* Amazon gift card giveaways
A.) SFF Book Bonanza - Discover Science Fiction and Fantasy Books – Runs all month during November 2019. Win a $100 Amazon gift card. Two lucky winners. Imagine the books you could buy!
B.) Rafflecopter Giveaway - Follow the link, below. Click the widget for one contest entry for each Amazon Author Central follow. Win a $10 gift card. Check back monthly, to see if you won the holiday giveaway!

3.) BookFunnel Bundles
Horror ONLY
No Fear November
All Noir All The Time
Noirvember Mysteries & Thrillers
Vigilantes, Kidnapping & Murder
Zombies, vampires and the other undead
There's Magic Afoot
A City of Darkness
Fantasy & Paranormal Series Starters
Portal to Fantasy
NaNoWrimo Newsletter
Honor and Magic
Not Free Anywhere Else!

COMING SOON – Come back next month for another *free* e-book and *more* exciting promos!
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