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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Celebrate Solstice!

Celebrate Solstice
Check out this 3 part promo, just in time for Christmas!

1.) Claim your *free* e-book
Midwinter by Chad Schimke - When the first edge of the setting Father Sun touches the horizon, the High Priest lights fire to the wicker man. A Teryn stands on the shoulders of his ancestors during Winter Solstice on Salisbury Plain. Follow the tale of the lone pine, from the bluestone cliffs of South Wales, to the hamlet of Feldmid. Read ‘Midwinter’ today!
Click on the image, or on the link below!

2.) *Two* Amazon gift card giveaways
A.) SFF Book Bonanza - Discover Science Fiction and Fantasy Books – Runs all month during December 2019. Win a $100 Amazon gift card. Two lucky winners. Imagine the books you could buy!

B.) Rafflecopter Giveaway - Follow the link, below. Click the widget for one contest entry for each Amazon Author Central follow. Win a $10 gift card. Check back monthly, to see if you won the holiday giveaway!

3.) BookFunnel Bundles
SFF Mega Promo (December 2019)
Science Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Ice Cold Vengeance
A Crime Filled Christmas
Solve a Mystery for Christmas!
Thriller in the cold Giveaway
Have Yourself a Spooky Little Christmas
Witchcraft and Wizardry Free eBookFair
Historical Christmas
Give the Gift of Epic Fantasy!!!
Sci-Fi Winter Giveaway
Paranormal Fantasy
Joyful for Fantasy
Fantasy, Paranormal
One Christmas
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal Firsts in Series
Christmas is Love
Free for All
Snowed In: Books to Read This Winter
Science Fiction and Fantasy Fanatics Season Promotion
Action, Adventure and Thrill Seeking

FREE Thrillers to Stuff That New Kindle!
New Year's Noir
Bite-Sized Fantasy: Discover Free Novellas!
Holiday Narrative Snack - short stories
Ghosts and Magic
Winter Action Thrillers

COMING SOON – Come back next month for another *free* e-book and *more* exciting promos!
🎃 🦃 🎄 🎉 💝 ☘️ 🐇

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