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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Twenty-Twenty: a New Decade

Twenty-Twenty: a New Decade
Check out this 3 part promo, just in time for the new year!

1.) Claim your *free* e-book
Vivified by Chad Schimke - When a young father doesn’t have access to his car, he decides to take a train ride. No biggie, he’s a successful business man used to making hard decisions. But a deadly incident will force him to reexamine what’s truly important. Living his best life, and then … dead. Find out what happens next in this weird paranormal short story. Read ‘Vivified’ today!

2.) Amazon gift card giveaway
A.) SFF Book Bonanza - Discover Science Fiction and Fantasy Books – Runs all month during January 2020. Win a $100 Amazon gift card. Two lucky winners. Imagine the books you could buy!

3.) BookFunnel Bundles
SFF Mega Promo (January 2020)


COMING SOON – Come back next month for another *free* e-book and *more* exciting promos!
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