Wednesday, May 27, 2015


GAY PULPS - This is a series of posts dedicated to pulp novels, see links below to related blog topics, and follow them to those pages. The gay pulp novel led to a homosexual male identity in a post-Stonewall era, after World War II. From the 1950s to the 1970s, censorship laws were relaxed to allow more freedom, including sexual and romantic expression. Pulp fiction was usually sold at train stations, drugstores and newsstands; with striking visual covers which conveyed certain stylistic themes; depicting the sensational topics contained inside. Hidden within the characters and plotlines were clues that told gay men of the period how to live their lives--written by themselves--with details of their own personal experiences, struggles and insights. These novels are invaluable clues as to how LBGT lived their lives, in an era of subtext and the ability to pass, during this period of American history. I find pulp novels of all types compelling windows onto the past, and have amassed a personal collection, which is part of my literary influences. Looking for a good read? Check these books out.

Champ by Don Holiday
Cruising Horny Corners by Lance Lester 
Finistère by Fritz Peters  
Gay Traders by Aaron Thomas 
Man Divided by Dean Douglas 
Midtown Queen by Julian Mark
Muscle Boy by Bud Clifton 
Song of the Loon by Richard Amory 
The Dungaree Jungle by Riley Benton 
The Gay Bunch by Lynton Wright Brent
The Lavender Elves by Dean Hudson 
The Purple Ring by Carl Corley 

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 ‪#‎Gay ‪#‎Pulps ‪#‎Crime ‪#‎Thriller #‎Horror

Sunday, May 24, 2015


LITCRAWL 2015 - Listen to me read at #Litcrawl on  Saturday October 17th at 7PM at 828 Valencia Street @ City Art Gallery in #SanFrancisco