Wednesday, October 31, 2018


HALLOWEEN (1978) - Written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, the original was the first installment in the franchise. It has spawned 10 films to date. Most recently directed by Rob Zombie, a purported Halloween III, will be released this year. If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’re well aware the orig is one of my favorites. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Ray Harryhausen’s Jason and the Argonauts - Directed by Don Chaffey, produced by Charles H. Schneer, based on a myth by Apollonios Rhodios, a 3rd century Greek author. With music by Oscar winning Bernard Herrmann, Jason and the Argonauts is a cultural compass. This independent film was made with material by stop motion animation master Ray Harryhausen. The skeleton fight scene and battle are pure fantasy. He made many other mythical creatures famous, along with himself. Such as, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The Three Worlds of Gulliver, and Mysterious Island. The film score was composed by Hermann, who also worked with Harryhausen on the fantasy films.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


FraGMENTATION of the Dead - With confirmation Andrew Lincoln will depart in season 9, will The Walking Dead be forced into cancellation without Rick or Carl? Although, let’s be honest, Chandler could have never lived up to the part. Shh. Anyway, I’ve been watching this news, and other rumors. Here are the highlights of what’s going on right now. Producers confirm season nine will jump ahead 18 months following last season's battle between Rick and Negan. Rick, Maggie and Daryl upend an alliance and havoc breaks loose. Seems to me showrunners recklessly killed off Shane and Carl, and now Daryl is the only one left, besides Carol. Norman Reedus got $20 million to lead the show here on out.  There are rumors Daryl will lead the show into a spinoff unrelated to the TWD. Nobody could’ve predicted the extent of this hit to bring strong interest for zombies of the apocalypse.