Sunday, August 8, 2021



THE WALKING DEAD’S FINAL SEASON  - If early reviews are accurate, the 2-part season premiere of The Walking Dead will be an exciting opener to a highly anticipated final season. TWD airs on August 22 (or the 15th on AMC+) and Part 2 won’t come out until a week later, on August 29. AMC confirms the show production will cease, after 10 years and 11 seasons. The final season will feature 24 episodes total, stretched out over 2 years. In the opening teaser, Lauren Cohan's Maggie appears to be hanging on for dear life, just about to die. She loses her grip, and nothing further is shown of either her demise or survival. AMC continues to push a plethora of TWD spin offs, most notably an upcoming drama following the lives of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride). The original show lost direction and floundered in the middle, and seems to be coming out of a slump - just as things wind down to a close. I hope those past missteps don’t crop up again and affect these new shows. I think a lot of big talent leaving TWD in the middle, and regretting their decisions - as some have pretty much said outright, led to the show taking a big hit in quality. Hands down, TWD was my favorite postapocalyptic zombie show, prior to the release of Netflix’s Black Summer Seasons 1 & 2. And make no mistake, there wouldn’t have been a Black Summer without TWD going first as a trailblazer. That was then, this is now - and I want AMC to get their mojo back. How ironic, in a decade of slaughters by the dozen, the icon: the show itself, will suffer its final death blow.


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