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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Love is in the Air

Check out this 3 part promo, just in time for Valentine's Day!

1.) Claim your *free* e-book
Behind the Walls by Chad Schimke  – Distant communities try to come together after the Die Back. But every time, the story ends up the same way. Food ran out, brigands attacked, or people couldn’t stand living together again, after the apocalypse. Why not here? At Litogot Township. An ex-military man makes it his mission to find out. Read ‘Behind the Walls’ today!
Click on the image, or on the link below!

2.) Amazon gift card giveaway
SFF Book Bonanza - Discover Science Fiction and Fantasy Books – Runs all month during February 2020. Win a $100 Amazon gift card. Two lucky winners. Imagine the books you could buy!

3.) BookFunnel Bundles
Horror and Dark Fiction Winter Giveaway
Fantasy Steals
February Fright Fest
Suspense Supreme
Prequel Promotion!
Caffeinated Fantasy: February Free Books
Valentine Free ebooks & Audio Books
Apoc-Dysto Newsletter Builder
Clean YA fantasy
Lovely Fantasy
Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Giveaway
Spies and Assassins
Mystery & Thriller Shorts

Suspense, Thriller and Mystery Short reads/ Novella
Free SciFi & Fantasy
Leap Year Book Bundle

COMING SOON – Come back next month for another *free* e-book and *more* exciting promos!
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