Tuesday, July 26, 2011


CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS - The Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a 3-D movie by eccentric German director, Werner Herzog. The movie deals with a cave in France filled with animal bones, marked up with cave bear scratches over which incredibly beautiful figures (horses, rhinos and cats) were painted by early humans over 30,000 years ago. There are magical points in the film that the 3-D experience takes you there. The end of your nose almost touches the cave wall or smells the still air. The subject matter is captivating … imagine the life of our earliest European ancestors: hunting mammoths and rhinos, sharing with the (soon to be extinct) Neanderthal and gathering about the land on a hunt, wearing suits made of pelts and leather. I REALLY wanted to love this movie. But I couldn’t, not completely. Besides being far too long, convoluted, overly repetitive, irritating music, pointless commentary in horribly butchered English and a post script that was so random…I was very irritated by the end of the film. In summary, what could have been a journey into humankind’s most treasured window onto the past was marred by poor choices, lack of direction and missed opportunities.

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