Sunday, November 13, 2011


SHORT STORY REVIEW Path Lights by Tom Drury - This story is set in Marin County, across the Golden Gate, to my north from San Francisco.  As a man walks his dogs, he is nearly missed by a bottle - thrown from the bridge above him.  When he gets home, his wife is almost over her suffering, she has a migraine.  The protagonist works as a reader for audio books and commercial voice-overs.  A key figure the protagonist characterizes in his work is a mystery detective.  His wife works as an aerospace engineer.  The bottle incident prompts our protagonist to embark on a quest to figure it out, leading him to the conclusion of the story.   The endnote of the story draws a comparison to the mysteries encountered by either mystery detectives or aerospace engineers.  Follow the link to a movie version of the short story (  Also, The End of Vandalism is a book written by Tom Drury.  

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