Thursday, March 29, 2012


WRITING REFERENCE #1 - This post is the first in a series devoted to writing reference. Specifically, six articles and one video, go to the bottom of the post for a list of items. Beginning Writers Answer Book is an excerpt (taken from the book of the same title), that deals with rejection. It views this subject from the vantage of freelance writers with magazine articles. Which I realize is less relevant, with the decline of brick and mortar publishers, along with declining print media. However some of these ideas are universal. Such as, reading between the lines. You might infer ways your writing can be improved, based on a rejection or critique. Or, up to date research on editors and agents, to improve your submission’s chances for success.  
1.    Beginning Writers Answer Book
2.    Selling Your Work Online
3.    70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes
4.    Fiction Genre Descriptions
5.    How Do I Write & Sell Short Fiction
6.    Query Letter Clinic
7.    Online Tools for Marketing and Promotion

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