Sunday, February 24, 2013


WRITING REFERENCE #4 - This post is part of a series devoted to writing reference. I haven’t posted an update to this thread since April and was surprised it had been that long. You can easily pull up all of the related posts by clicking on the tag ‘writing reference.’ Fiction Genre Descriptions lists all of the genres and sub-genres, some of which are pretty concrete and some of which are pretty esoteric (to say the least). Take it for what it’s worth, to define your writing. Although in the age of self-publishing, the delineations become more blurred, rather than more distinct. As a reminder, I have listed all of the posts in this category, see below.
1.    Beginning Writers Answer Book
2.    Selling Your Work Online
3.    70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes
4.    Fiction Genre Descriptions
5.    How Do I Write & Sell Short Fiction
6.    Query Letter Clinic
7.    Online Tools for Marketing and Promotion

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