Friday, March 15, 2013


FORT POINT - The fort is located near the intersection of Lincoln and Long--right next to Crissy Field--immediately under the Golden Gate Bridge. Last weekend was the civil war reenactment, Living History Day on January 26, 2013, for Fort Point in San Francisco. The fort was constructed from brick in 1853 and the Golden Gate Bridge was built around it to prevent the demolition of the historic building. The fort was occupied throughout the Civil War, used again during War II and became a national site in 1970. The living history day included infantry drills, artillery discussions, medical demonstrations, musicians (fife, drum and brass), camp life and civilians. Visiting is something that’s free to do in the city, you can park practically in front of the fort, to walk around inside all the levels of the fort. It’s amazing to see how the contoured interior chambers were built of brick, I can’t think of anything else quite like it, don’t miss your chance to see history come to life! 

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