Thursday, May 16, 2013


WRITING REFERENCE #5 - This post is part of a series devoted to writing reference. For what it’s worth, this article poses ‘questions’ about short stories then provides ‘answers’. For many, entering a short story contest or seeking publication in an online magazine, are great ways to gain exposure. Don’t have the time to write a novel? Write a short story instead and use that as a publication credit! Even if you decide to self-publish (as opposed to going the mag or contest route) start somewhere, there’s no excuse to not get your name out there, if you call yourself a writer.  As a reminder, I have listed all of the posts in this category, see below.
1.            Beginning Writers Answer Book
2.            Selling Your Work Online
3.            70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes
4.            Fiction Genre Descriptions
5.            How Do I Write & Sell Short Fiction
6.            Query Letter Clinic
7.            Online Tools for Marketing and Promotion

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