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Chariots of the GodsChariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken
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CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? - The theories advanced in this book have had a profound effect on popular culture. Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken has taken a lot of criticism, with accusations such as questionable evidence, some critics have gone so far as saying the arguments he built are fraudulent. Some naysayers contend he ripped off HP Lovecraft, to come up with the ideas covered in the book, see The Call of Cthulhu. Nevertheless, Von Daniken has sold millions of copies the world over. Is there any validity to claims of ‘gods’ from outer space? Did extraterrestrial aliens visit early human ancestors and bestow advanced technology on them? Was Von Daniken sloppy and over-reaching with his early claims? ‘Probably’ to all three. However, what is clear is this book solidified the idea of the UFO, in the collective unconscious. With television shows and movies like The X Files and Ancient Aliens. With the dystopian genre of literature so firmly entrenched in the reading public. With a scientific theory that shook the concept of God and religion to the core. What if it were true? If so what does that say about the future of human-kind. I have no idea but it is certainly something interesting to think about. See below for a link to the television series.

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