Friday, June 6, 2014


GETTING AROUND SF- The recent Muni “sick-out” pretty much caused the city to grind to a halt. Sure, it’s only 7 by 7 square miles. But, I challenge you to walk up and down unforgiving hills after a long workday. So, in the spirit of get-up-and-go, here are a few ways to navigate the hellish nightmare that we just lived through. 
  1. Bike share- Members electronically unlock bikes with a smart card/ credit card and there’s a lot of stations along Market Street.
  2. Zipcar/ van - Wheels by the hour or day with gas and insurance included.
  3. Walk - Just be careful to use crosswalks, pedestrians become roadkill in SF, all too often. I’ve had my share of close calls! Seriously, walking in a city this small is often practical. 
  4. BART - Impractical for many due to limited stops, but if you’re lucky, it’s the fastest way to get around the bay. Hence the name rapid transit. 
  5. Yellow Cab - It’s hard to beat! Make a one minute phone call, then a car pulls up to your door, and takes you wherever you want. 

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