Sunday, August 17, 2014


REVIEW OF MIDWINTER BY MARTIN PHILLIPS – “Chad Schimke's tale of an ancient Welsh royal bloodline reads seamlessly and flawlessy, from generation to generation over many hundreds of years. You feel as though you know these ancient people, understand their primitiveness, their relation to, understanding of and worship of nature, of Mother Earth, and their ethereal bond with the blue stone, which, surprisingly, the reader learns is Stonehenge. You feel part of the family, sense how the people actually lived, feel a kinship with the lone pine (I won't wreck it, don't worry) and the savageness of tribal warfare for not simply dominance, but survival. The reader weaves in and out of the consciousness and thoughts of individuals like a waft of smoke or a gentle breeze. It is a story I simply could not stop reading once I'd started. You will, too! (Or Should).

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