Sunday, August 23, 2015


NOSFERATU - The iconic 1922 silent film is the stuff of nightmares, so realistic the lead actor was rumored to have been an actual vampire, in the tribute film entitled ‘Shadow of the Vampire’. ‘Nosferatu’ was an unauthorized adaptation of ‘Dracula’, it’s studio Prana Films was immediately embroiled in lawsuits, brought by heirs to the Bram Stoker estate. It made it’s one and only film then went bankrupt to avoid copyright infringement. Courts at the time ruled that the film be destroyed, however a few prints were salvaged and the film came to be lauded, as a triumph of horror cinema. The film’s use of angles, light and shadow--along with locations in Germany and Slovakia, shot by single camera--was probably intended to be color tinted, which didn’t happen. There is a rumored remake in the works, by Robert Eggers, director of ‘The Witch’.


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  1. Without a doubt, that character in the poster of Nosferatu has to be the ugliest, scariest, damn movie character I've ever seen. It would be worth the price of admission just to see him on the big screen. What a crying shame it was destroyed. Great blog!

  2. I've never seen Dracula or read the book. Horror just isn't my thing.

  3. This was a great silent movie. Didn't the do a behind the scenes on of it with Wilem Dafoe a few years back?