Wednesday, June 22, 2016


NEW RELIGION - In a magical place during a time not long ago, there was once a garden on an island for radical faeries, new bohemians and flower children. San Francisco, which has become a walled fortress, were the tech industry elite inhabit luxury condos and glide about in chauffeured limousines. These assholes spend fistfuls of green, as their eyes sparkle with greedy lust. A New Religion, colorless graven images that promise immortality, fame and wealth beyond all imagination.  What's scattered in fragments underneath your feet, the leavings of people of color and an entire counter culture, in a place once known as mecca?  Colorless, sterile, elitist, boring, privileged surround you. How did we get to today? Is it too far gone? Can we get them out? Return to the strange. Reject them, the heretic idols of the New Religion.

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