Sunday, July 24, 2016


CASINO ROYALE - The first book in a series, which spawned a franchise, is Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. James Bond, secret agent 007, targets a communist paymaster, LeChiffre, under the Soviet murder organization named SMERSH. A game of baccarat, white hot lovers, a dapper dashing gentleman, a femme fatale, some brutish torture and a double crossing twist ending … rise and fall in this suspenseful spy thriller. The introduction and resolution occur outside the casino; otherwise the characters inhabit a world of sumptuous elegance amidst lurking danger in Royale-les-Eaux. The casino is set in a fictional seaside resort off the coast and beaches of Brittany. Fleming’s vivid descriptions are effortless, no doubt firmly rooted in the years he spent as a foreign correspondent in Europe. His expert command of French and English references are admirable, leaps and bounds above mediocre fare of the spy/ thriller idiom.



  1. Love James Bond! Thanks for posting this, Chad. We often forget that our movie legends started with a book, don't we?

  2. Sean Connery will always be "the" James Bond for me. I always think of Daniel Craig as Angelina Jolie's boyfriend in "Tomb Raider" where she made him look like a total dork. LOL.

  3. Also big James Bond fan here - a guilty pleasure maybe but pleasure. I agree with Marcha about Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. Casino Royale always makes me think of Woody Allen, though.
    Great GIFS btw. and thanks for a great post!

  4. I've read a few of Fleming's Bond books. Didn't Peter Sellers make a comedy version of Casino Royale as well?

  5. Watched the film a hundred times, I'm never tired of it. James Bond is one of the most iconic fictional character of the last century. Love him!

  6. I have not read or watch any James Bond. Though every time the movies come up on Prime I think about watching one.

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