Wednesday, September 7, 2016


ANNA NICOLE - Anna Nicole Smith met J. Howard Marshall while working at a Houston strip club. She was characterized as a gold-digger, since she never lived with--or had sex with, the elderly oil tycoon. Meanwhile her star was rising as the Playboy Playmate of the Year and a Guess model. He died and she claimed he’d promised her half of his estate. A judge believed her and awarded her nearly $500 million. In midlife her media career swung wildly. Culminating in the year before her death, with a birth (her daughter Dannielynn), a marriage (to her attorney Howard K. Stern) and death of her son (Daniel). She died suddenly in a hotel room due to multiple drug intoxication. The autopsy delayed her funeral resulting in a closed casket service. Her photographer (Larry Birkhead) filed a paternity lawsuit since the birth certificate listed her attorney/ husband as the father. A court confirmed DNA evidence and the case was abandoned. Years later her psychiatrist (Khristine Eroshevich) and attorney/ husband faced court pressures. Apparently they’d used fake names to acquire painkillers and sedatives. Tragically, her life story shares characteristics to Marilyn Monroe’s. The icon’s striking beauty was so similar to Anna Nicole’s. A delicate flower in the bloom of youth that withered and died too soon. 


  1. She was definitely a very noticable person and quite iconic :-)

  2. It was such a shame that she died so young.

  3. goodness... can I "claim" Bill Gates told me he'd leave me half his estate?

    1. I don't know, were you ever married to Bill Gates?

  4. I watched a movie about her. Really loved it.