The Costumer - December 2020

Artwork by Chad Schimke in homage to The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


MY BLOODY VALENTINE - A pickaxe wielding psycho, wearing miner’s garb and a mask, slaughters a group of teenage partiers in a darkened mine. Ten years later, one of the escapees inherits the mine from his deceased father. Returning to the hometown of his youth, he finds his ex-girlfriend has married the local sheriff. One of his classmates is murdered, he becomes a suspect because he was caught on tape in the hotel parking lot. My Bloody Valentine isn’t really a remake. It takes its inspiration from a 1981 film of the same name. The 2009 version works better in terms of subject matter, storyline and the plot twist ending. If you’re a fan of the gory slasher genre, this is one you’ll enjoy. While imperfect, it’s a good flick. So check it out! 



  1. Although I am not a slasher flick fan per say.....I do enjoy a good horror film! I've seen the 1981 film, perhaps I should watch the 2009 one! I'm curious as to what the Special Addition version offers that the original does not.

  2. Lol. I should have expected this post from you for Valentine. You can't beat a good slasher film. I can only occasionally watch them, the last one I saw was Scream. When well done, they are brilliant entertainment.

  3. Perfect for you, Chad! You're everyones Bloody Valentine! Cheers!

  4. I'm more the psychological terror and things jumping out of the screen type of horror watcher and writer. But I love Jenson Ackles from Supernatural. Wasn't he in this? I seem to remember he was. Perfect blog for Valentines though. LOL

  5. Wasn't the most notable occurence to happen on Valetine's Day, the Valentine's Massacre?