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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


LOVECRAFT BLOCH COMICS TRIO – This post reviews weird short stories interpreted by Marvel Comic’s Journey Into Mystery series. HP Lovecraft was published in Weird Tales but never really made it as a working writer. He’s lauded today amongst the likes of Poe, Wells, Bradbury and Tolkien in the annals of American literature. Fan fiction abounds on the interwebs where his public domain works are freely available. The Haunter of the Dark is in the oeuvre of the Old Ones mythos he created. His protégé Robert Bloch, author of Psycho, wrote companion pieces to Haunter including The Shambler from the Stars and The Shadow From the Steeple. Bloch appears as Robert Blake in Haunter and Lovecraft dedicated the story to him. Bloch wrote Shambler as the prequel to Haunter and later wrote Shadow as the final installment. Here’s a recap of all three. A desperate author asks his friend to translate a magic spell and summons the Shambler, leaving behind a charred body. Later, the evil lure of the steeple draws in a lurker who discovers a jewel in an open box. And in the end, the spirit inhabiting the jewel learns to inhabit the body of a human host. Bloch was heavily influenced early on by Lovecraft. But he went on to write widely for pulp magazines, a series of radio dramas, 30 novels, short story collections, comic book adaptations, film and television scripts. Do you love vintage tales supernatural horror, like I do? Then you’re going to love these comics!


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  1. Marvel comics are an amazing phenomenon. Definitely classics

  2. I do like the older stories. All the classics like The Time Machine and The Invisible Man. And I love Lovecraft. Love his imagination!

  3. I've never read a comic book, but these look interesting.