Sunday, October 15, 2017


HARDBOILED FICTION - Both hardboiled and noir crime fiction are rooted in dime novels, muckraking newspapers and pulp novels beginning in the depression and eventually going out of fashion by the sixties. A hardboiled protagonist is a cynical detective caught up in aftermath of violent crime or a corrupt legal system very often portrayed as an antihero. A noir protagonist is a victim, a suspect, or a perpetrator with a self-destructive streak often put in a position to victimize self or others, trapped in a losing situation. The following are some of my favorites. Enjoy! ­­­­

The Maltese Falcon (1930)
Dashiell Hammett
When a detective’s partner is shot, he finds trouble, desperate to track down a valuable treasure.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1934)
James Cain
A drifter gets himself caught up in a bizarre love triangle.

The Big Sleep (1939)
Raymond Chandler
A PI agrees to help a family with a case of gambling debt but once the murders begin, he finds himself in over his head.

The Black Curtain (1941)
Cornell Woolrich
An amnesiac can’t remember anything yet finds himself identified as a murder suspect.

I, The Jury (1947)
Mickey Spillane
A tough detective investigates the brutal murder of his best friend.

The Nine Wrong Answers 1952
John Dickson Carr
A whodunit featuring a series of nine incorrect answers, leading up to the final correct answer.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1955)
Patricia Highsmith
A father gets more trickery than he bargained for when he asks a supposed friend for help to convince his playboy son to come home.


  1. Crime novels are always grabbing my attention. Honestly, I’m interested in all of the above! There’s not one that sounds more appealing than the other.

  2. I love to read! Can't say I'm really into crime novels though. CSI gives me nightmares and has ruined me for all things crime related. Books would be even worse!

  3. I have never seen any of these old classics. I saw Talented Mr Ripley remake a few years back but it would be awesome to get a hold of one of these older versions to watch, because I love watching old movies!

  4. Some excellent movies in that selection

  5. Always a classic movie lover, Pulp Fiction is still my favorite at all times!

  6. At last! Hardboiled explained so I know exatly what it is. Thank you!

  7. Great list, Chad. There's a couple of these I'd like to read, and even re-read. Cheers!