Saturday, March 14, 2020


MUKDEN BY SEAN PATRICK HAZLETT –  A captain finds a pile of corpses bearing peculiar incisions, shaped like an inverted starfish, on their slashed bellies. But stranger still, their viscera are missing. The captain’s local guide blames the occurrence on sorcery. Overnight the captain feeds the night hag, but unlike most who encounter her, he survives the interaction. He is later assaulted by bandits and Cossacks but finds himself saved. Who has spared him? None other than the night hag. Perhaps she’s paying back his earlier kindness. The hag releases his bonds and grants him a vision. Once he’s free, he hurries back to share what she revealed, to his general. ‘Mukden’ is a richly described and culturally layered short story which first appeared in Weirdbook in 2017. Find this and other really good horror/ paranormal shorts in Tales for the Campfire. All profits go to the victims of the November 2018 Camp Fire. Want to read more? 

Check out Sean’s upcoming book entitled Weird World War III, currently on pre-order:

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