Tuesday, April 14, 2020


FABLE OF THE BOX BY ERIC ESSER - A witch’s daughter begs her mother to place the dead family dog in a magic box. But this isn’t any ordinary magic box. Place something dead inside to make it come back to life, but only for one day. The following day was the best one of her life. Her reborn dog showered her, and her little brother, with love and affection. But after a couple more goes, things change. That leads to an argument. The daughter punishes her brother, by daring him to spend the night in the box. ‘Fable of the Box’ was previously published in Awkward Robots Anthology: The Orange Volume in 2015. Part folk horror, part fairytale, part tall tale with a sprinkle of sorcery. There are many surprises, packed into a minimum of lines. 

\Want to read more? Check out Eric’s website and writing here: http://ericesser.net/

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