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FOLIE A DEUX BY ROSS E LOCKHART - Structured in a series of episodes, the story is told from varied points of view, and different eras. Each episode has a distinctly different tone, depending on the character being portrayed. The title references a ‘madness shared by two’, which I presume to mean the conjoined twin sisters, since it tells what happens to them. The story is heavily influenced by HP Lovecraft, I caught onto many of the references. But certainly, HPL devotees will pick up on many more. A pair of sisters, who are conjoined twins, get mixed up in porn, drugs, and a boyfriend, who claims to be a reincarnated Pharaoh. One sister records her account in a diary. An inscription is found in a grimoire. Graffiti marks the walls of an abandoned hospital. A scroll is found in a copse of trees. The sisters' tale survives ten generations, of nightmare monsters mating with human women, and feeding on human young. 'Folie à Deux' by Ross E. Lockhart was first published in Strange Aeons in 2014. Want to read more? Ross has written a number of short stories and edited several anthologies.

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