Sunday, August 28, 2011


CHABOT SPACE & SCIENCE CTR. - The Chabot Space and Science Center is located in Oakland CA. Three large telescopes (Rachel, Alvin, Leah) are located within observatories on the upper deck. Public viewings takes place on Friday and Saturday, but watch the weather closely. The Pacific’s marine layer often pushes through the Golden Gate in the summer months, up the Oakland Hills. The planetarium show is inferior in quality, compared to its neighbor across the bay, at the CA Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. Its exhibits are mostly geared towards children, but the telescopes should not to be missed! Chabot is the largest public facility of its kind in the USA. The telescope observatories offer the public’s best view from earth, onto the vast distances of the Milky Way.


  1. I know several family members who would love to visit and spend several hours visiting this space museum.

  2. I have been here! I cannot wait to take my son when he is old enough to appreciate it.