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When Cameras Go Crazy: Culture ClubWhen Cameras Go Crazy: Culture Club by Kasper De Graaf
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WHEN CAMERAS GO CRAZY CULTURE CLUB - When Cameras Go Crazy by Kasper De Graaf chronicles the meteoric rise of Boy George, up to 1983. Who could’ve imagined it? That a gender-bending, Grammy-winning band would catapult to pop superstardom, in the conservative climate of the Regan era? The book is chock full of George’s iconic and enduring contemporaries in 1980’s London: Steve Strange (Blitz), Malcolm McClaren (Sex Pistols, Bow Wow Wow), Sue Clowes (The Foundry), Leigh Bowery (performance artist) and Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer). The book captures the group’s early na├»ve charm and couldn’t have predicted their decline; in the midst of scandals and pitfalls of fame. Much later, the group was featured in a sad reunion tour and VH1 documentary: depicting them as bitter, portly, hardened, middle aged men; vying to rekindle the brilliance of their youth. George in particular has been vilified in the press for drug addiction and court involvement. Last year’s television movie (Worried About the Boy, 2010) by the BBC - was able to recreate some early magic moments. The lead actor is destined for more work, he was great. The same hand is apparent in all of the BBC’s productions: constrained budgets, imperfect production and at times it has a “homemade” feel. If you’re interested in things post punk/ new romantic - check out the early music, book and video clips.






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