Thursday, September 29, 2011


Very Special PeopleVery Special People by Ruth Drimmer
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VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE - Very Special People is a book by Frederick Drimmer. Mostly, the book explores human oddities (sideshow freaks) within the idiom of circus performers. Conjoined twins, hairy/ bearded, little people/ giants and fat/ skinny. The book is excellent, but my favorite part isn’t written by Drimmer. Hands down, the best section of the book is The Elephant Man by Sir Fredrick Treves. I’ve always been captivated by this eccentric character; conflicted by a horrific youth, later famous and adored near the end of his life. To me, it’s beautiful the way he was treated kindly by the doctor, with generosity and love. He deserved special care as someone who was fragile; not able to fend for himself. It’s the ultimate tale of human compassion.

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