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Tales of the CityTales of the City by Armistead Maupin
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TALES OF THE CITY – This book is famous for painting a portrait of interconnected San Francisco characters. Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin is a period piece that explores the hedonistic Barbary Coast lifestyle in the seventies. The main character is 28 Barbary Lane, a Telegraph Hill building, where all of the stories begin and end. The controversial novel was ahead of its time- not for the fainthearted; dealing with alternative sexuality, drug use, star-crossed love and freedom of choice. Tales features so many San Francisco landmarks that are far too numerous to mention, see below for my short list. On a related note (about Tales as a movie), you’ll find many of the same landmarks featured in the film Vertigo, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Tales has the elevated status of a classic novel that’s spawned a series of sequels, a miniseries faithful to the book and a musical performed at American Conservatory Theater in 2011.
1. Brocklebank Apartments (Madeline’s place in Vertigo)
2. Ghirardelli Square
3. Coit Tower
4. Telegraph Hill
5. Club Fugazi/Beach Blanket Babylon
6. Castro Theater
7. Twin Peaks
8. Palace of the Legion of Honor
9. Fort Point

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