Sunday, April 22, 2012


NOTE – My novelette Weirder is inspired by the bearded lady and will be promoted at Serving Fish on Friday  5-4-12 @ 10 pm.

BEARDED LADY - Julia Pastrana was excessively hairy over her entire body. She had a jutting jaw and swollen gums. In odd juxtaposition to her physical appearance, she possessed graceful poise and a buxom feminine figure. Domestically civilized, she was linguistically fluent in her native language (from the Root Digger Indians) in addition to Spanish and English. Under her handler’s management, her exhibition was a resounding success. She sold out venues on the sideshow circuit and was a media celebrity in the middle 1850’s. During her performances, she sang romances in both Spanish and English; and danced to traditional numbers dressed in fancy costumes. Mr. Lent (her handler) was afraid of losing profits and married her. He forced her into physician examinations, prevented her from leaving home and barred her from walking about in daylight. She became pregnant and doctors were fearful due to her height and narrow hips. Julia was more concerned the child would take after her cruel husband. In 1860 her fears were confirmed when she gave birth to a newborn completely covered in hair. The child lived only thirty-five hours. Julia died five days later. Mr. Lent had the bodies of his wife and child dissected and mummified to put on display. The corpses- of the bearded woman next to the mummified infant- were dressed in a dancing costume and sailor suit. The sideshow performer’s sad story is a study in contrast. Ultimately, Julia Pastrana is remembered for her unusual physical characteristics but even more important is her intelligence, talent and sophistication. 

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  1. This is a sad and yet interesting look at human society, even back then. Probably more so.