Sunday, March 5, 2017


DO ALIENS EXIST? - We still don’t have an answer to these fascinating questions. Are humans alone in the cosmos?

1.       Aliens on Jupiter? - Europa (Jupiter’s moon) has an ocean under its ice crust. NASA spotted plumes of water vapor erupting from the surface. Water. What better place to look for aliens?
2.       Water on Mars? - The red planet was covered with water in the ancient past. It’s been photographed and traversed by rovers but we don’t know if it once supported life.
3.       Alien signals? - Most strange light pulses are explained easily. But some might be generated by extraterrestrials. Borra and Trottier published a paper entitled "Signals probably from Extraterrestrial Intelligence" detailing the discovery of 234 such signals.
4.       Alien megastructure? - Science has hypothesized the blinking Tabby’s Star was being blocked by a Dyson Sphere--or a swarm of megastructures--something like aliens would build.
5.       Hitching a ride? - Early Earth was very hot. Some scientists think it would have been easier for life to evolve on a milder arid planet. Did asteroids jettisoned from Mars--carrying microbial life--crash land on Earth? Sounds crazy. But pieces of Mars have been found on Earth and there are almost certainly pieces of Earth on Mars.
6.       Wow signal? - In 1977, a telescope found a powerful blast of radio waves, that lasted 72 seconds. Despite numerous attempts, the signal has never been observed again.
7.       Another Earth? - In addition to Proxima B, the recent discovery of GJ 1132 B reveals a world with a thick water/ methane atmosphere. Most discovered exoplanets are gas giants, hotter and larger than Jupiter. With the first glimpse of alien air, astronomy enters a new frontier, in the examination of small Earth-like worlds.

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