Sunday, March 12, 2017


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Promote your work, but stay away from social media marketing. Sounds like a contradiction, right? Let’s make some assumptions. Your book is finished, you’ve got a publisher (or you’re going to self-publish), your name is unknown and you’re starting from zero. What should be avoided? Don’t relentlessly spam the same fill-in-the-blank (book, short story, interview, conference, etc.)  over and over again. Here’s another trap – spending too much or too little time on your brand/ platform. Avoid canned instant messages and or emails. One of the worst? If it’s tacky in real life, it’s tacky online. Such as a nasty comment in response to a one star book review. OK. Those are the wrong ways, but what’s the right way? Here’s some social media promotional ideas. Don’t focus on marketing, instead, be interesting and add value. It’s not that one time click you’re after. Go for repeat views, so consistency is important. Pay attention to your metrics. What posts get the most comments/ views? Spread it around by mentioning your blog on your FB page and vice versa. Blog about different topics, listen to your followers and adjust. Read articles about building a platform then follow those suggestions. Use both sides of your brain. Creative writing draws on different neurons than writing blog posts. Don’t particularly like something? Skip it! You’re more likely to maintain something that’s enjoyable. Once you’ve decided on a strategy, keep it up and don’t constantly change up your approach.

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  1. Interesting thoughts on social media marketing. I have to say that I definitely agree with you when you say be interesting, add value and listen to your followers. These are good suggestions.