Sunday, September 3, 2017


DEAD SILENCE – This movie was written by Leigh Whannell and directed by James Wan, the creators of Saw. Dead Silence (2007) stars Ryan Kwanten, who began appearing in HBO’s True Blood the following year. The film relies heavily on jump scares and tropes common to doll themed horror movies. However the ending is original and unexpected. Overall the film is enjoyable. The following are my top six doll themed horror movies from most to least original.

2.       Child’s Play (1988) -
5.       Anabelle (2014) -


  1. I am a huge baby when it comes to scary movies but I will be forwarding this post to my horror-loving roommate!

  2. This was not something I should have read especially when it's night here in India. But, these are sure some good suggestions for me in afternoon time. LOL

  3. that looks like it would scare the pants off me!!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  4. I love this list. I love being scared by books and movies. I somehow like losing sleep over nightmares.

  5. Glad you're keeping it alive. Following.