Wednesday, May 31, 2017


The Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone ByeThe Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman
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WALKING DEAD – A graphic novel, The Walking Dead (Days Gone Bye) by Robert Kirkman is told from the protagonist’s POV. He’s a lawman that comes out of coma to find a world that’s nothing like the one he knew, before his big sleep. It’s more about survival in a post-apocalyptic society than a volume on epidemics and zombies. But, it’s the focus on human survival and the interpersonal dynamics that makes Walking Dead work as a story (where so many mindless formulaic zombie tirades fail). Another testament to the quality of the book is this: I’m not generally a comic book guy. So, the graphic novel works on many levels, with visuals and pacing to make it different than a straight novel or the television version.

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  1. I started with watching the tv series of the walking dead. And I love it. Later on I also started to read the comics. It's fun to see the differences! I still have some comics top read.

  2. I love being able to experience a series through more than just a TV show.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. i haven't tried this yet!! but now i might have to!

  4. I haven't read it yet, i'm currently reading 3 books. I'll put it in my to-read list!

  5. This is definitely going to my TBR list