Saturday, May 18, 2019


WALKING DEAD FRANCHISE - AMC is filming a 3rd series this summer in Virginia, currently slated for 10 episodes, it’s scheduled to premiere in 2020. Based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, the new show will follow its predecessors: The Walking Dead (2010) and Fear the Walking Dead (2015). TWD wrapped its 9th season in March and FTWD premieres its 5th season in June. The newly minted as-yet-unnamed series will feature two females coming of age in the apocalypse. When viciousness is ubiquitous, some commit their own acts of terror, while other disdain injustice. Choosing females to portray came about since audiences liked them so much in the TWD/ FTWD universe. Michonne, Carol, Maggie and Sasha are huge breakout stars, noted for their epic portrayals. Also planned are 3 films starring Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), as part of the ever expanding franchise. The Grimes storyline, which goes into production this year, follows him after being separated from the rest of his group. While zombies in entertainment become just as prevalent as vampires were a decade or so ago, the original TWD is still sinking in ratings. But conceptually, TWD continues to be a powerhouse for content creation with the folks at AMC. We shall see what happens next, in the Fragmentation of the Dead. 

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