Sunday, October 7, 2018


FraGMENTATION of the Dead - With confirmation Andrew Lincoln will depart in season 9, will The Walking Dead be forced into cancellation without Rick or Carl? Although, let’s be honest, Chandler could have never lived up to the part. Shh. Anyway, I’ve been watching this news, and other rumors. Here are the highlights of what’s going on right now. Producers confirm season nine will jump ahead 18 months following last season's battle between Rick and Negan. Rick, Maggie and Daryl upend an alliance and havoc breaks loose. Seems to me showrunners recklessly killed off Shane and Carl, and now Daryl is the only one left, besides Carol. Norman Reedus got $20 million to lead the show here on out.  There are rumors Daryl will lead the show into a spinoff unrelated to the TWD. Nobody could’ve predicted the extent of this hit to bring strong interest for zombies of the apocalypse.

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