Monday, September 6, 2021


ANNE RICE – Born and raised in New Orleans in 1941, Anne Rice lived in her grandmother’s home along with her alcoholic mother. When her mother died her father placed her, along with her sisters, in a boarding school. Her path changed when she met her high school sweetheart in Texas. They later married and lived in San Francisco, with 2 children: Michele and Christopher. In 1968, Rice wrote a short story which predated her most famous character. The idea percolated for a long time before going public. Her debut novel, Interview with the Vampire was published in 1976.  In it she features Louis de Pointe du Lac, man turned vampire, as the protagonist. Louis tells his life story to an interviewer; beginning with his own grief, character flaws and unsavory proclivities. It turns out these faults made him perfectly suited to the dark gift. Similarly, Rice composed and published Book 1 shortly after the death of her young daughter. The lost child served as inspiration for Claudia’s character. Rice followed up Interview with subsequent sequels. They formed the beginning of a novel series, entitled The Vampire Chronicles: The Vampire Lestat in 1985, and The Queen of the Damned, in 1988. She kept writing books, earning ongoing success and a vast readership. Currently AMC has reported they acquired movie rights to Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I’m so excited to see what comes of this. The literary community - and probably academia too - is afraid to catalog Rice with Poe, Lovecraft and Jackson. They do the same thing to Stephen King. It seems her readership says otherwise.

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