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OOs HORROR MOVIES - Which decade produced the best horror movies? A bit of backstory helps to provide a complete answer. Largely credited with being the first, originally titled Le Manoir du Diable, was a French silent film. Retitled and released, it appeared in the US in 1896 as The Haunted Castle. Jumping ahead, paranoia and puritanical repression lurked in the backdrop of every film made with a brief gap in the 20s into the 30s. The Hays Code applied to all the motion pictures from 1934 to 1968, until it was replaced by MPAA film ratings. By the 70s, filmmakers were breaking away from the rubber head B-movie monster. The 80s ushered in big budget box office smashes in a decade of unrivaled storytelling. There were still certain lines which were not crossed. This relaxed in the 90s and dropped away almost completely by the aughts. In the 00s, horror movies were made all over the world, but the success was diminished perhaps by splatterporn and gore fests. Film fans in 2021 (sometimes) fail to realize that today’s creepypastas, anthologized series on streaming platforms, social network viral videos, RPGs, and even hidden easter eggs - buried in movie backgrounds, all owe debts to the above previous eras. Filmmakers, finally unhindered, able to make what they wanted, to follow their own artistic direction, ushered in movies foreign and domestic, which pushed the genre’s envelope from 2000-2009. The aughts brought about a huge surge, and saw widespread popular appeal of the genre. This propped up the decade to follow. Do you already know which decade produced the best horror? I rummaged through the vault, and came up with this entirely subjective short list. Perhaps you agree, or maybe you don’t. Check it out, and decide for yourself. Coming soon: 60s Horror Movies.

Jisatsu Sākuru 2001

Cabin Fever 2002

28 Days Later 2002

Ju-On 2002

High Tension 2003

Dawn of the Dead 2004

Saw 2004

Hostel 2005

Wolf Creek 2005

The Hills Have Eyes 2006

Rest Stop 2006

Paranormal Activity 2007

28 Weeks Later 2007

Frontier(s) 2007

Quarantine 2008

Martyrs 2008

The Strangers 2008

Drag Me to Hell 2009

Last House on the Left 2009

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